Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service (Terms & Condition)

Welcome to the Locbook (the website – locbook.live).

Locbook is a digital platform where users can read and share different kinds of literature contents like; stories, novels, poems etc. This website (Lockbook or locbook.live) is owned and operated by the company ‘’Artloc‘’.

Here the “content” means all the writings (or write-up) and media shared or transmitted by the user. Media includes videos, photos, gifs, sound clips (audible) and similar (all the contents mentioned in The Copyright Act, 2000) types of components. Here the ‘’ user ‘’ means all the people using, enjoying the services of this platform. It includes both account holders and non-account holders. Here the authority, company or the word “Locbook” means the management team working for the website locbook.live which is owned by the company Artloc.

Copyright Policy

1.            The writer/author of the content holds the copyright of his/her content. Locbook and the company Artloc doesn’t own the copyright of any content.

 2.      The writing (write-up) published by the writer must be of his own. If it is found that any user has copied any writing (write-up) which actually doesn’t belong to him or her; the copied writing (write-up) shall be deleted immediately. If the user is found conducting such kind of activity again, the account may be temporarily suspended for a certain time. The original owner of the content may also take legal actions against this infringement.

3.  No user can copy (also copying in a way which violates the copyright according to the copyright act 2000) the content of the author (owner) without taking permission from him. If someone does so, the author or the copyright owner may take legal actions against him. 

4.  Content creators (or authors) are solely liable for the content that she or he shares. The company as a content sharing platform holds no responsibility for the writings or contents shared by the user in this platform.

5. Sharing any content which violates the copyright of someone else is strictly prohibited.

Code of Conduct

Content Guidelines.

1.      Any content which goes against national interest, have political intentions or intend to hurt anyone’s religious sentiment is strictly prohibited.

2.      Any write ups which can spread communal violence or includes hate speech is strictly prohibited.

3.   Digitally written content for this platform should comply with The Copyright Act, 2000 and the relevant sections of The Digital Security act 2018 and Information & Communication Technology Act 2006.

4.   If any writing is only for adult readers, the content creator/writer have to mention it in the very first part of the content that – ‘’ for adults only ‘’ or add the category ‘’ 18+ ‘’ in it.

User Obligation

1.   Spam is prohibited on the website. (e.g., pop-up link, repeated text, etc. considered as spam).

2.   The writer should not disclose anyone’s private information without the consent of the person.

3.   User needs to share authentic information while opening the account. Pretending to be someone else is against the rules.

4.     Users can’t use this platform for commercial purposes. Any kind of advertisement of any product and service without taking permission from the authority is prohibited.

5.  Any media which is vulgar, displaying someone’s private body part, showing sexual act, displaying act which is legally prohibited to display, displaying self-harm or suicide.

6.       If the user breach any of the code of conduct, she/he will be solely liable to the authority and also to the third party who has suffered the damage, created due [WU4] to his/her misconduct

     Violation of any code of conduct may result in any of the following:

1.   The account may get the suspension

2.   The account may be blocked permanently by the authority.

3.   Any writer or the third party may take legal action against the infringement

** Locbook has the final call to deem an action as breach of code of conduct **

 Company Rights

1. No one can use the logo of Locbook as it is the intellectual property of the company Artloc. The services are protected by The Copyright Act 2000, The Trademarks Act, 2009 and other laws of Bangladesh.  

2. Locbook authority may have to disclose the details of any user or the details of any user’s work/content if it is required by the law enforcement agencies of the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for security issues.

3.  The company has the right to promote any content or display any content to anyone. But the company can’t take any action which violates the copyright of the writers/author copyright owner.

4.  The writings/content of [WU8] the Locbook might also be exhibited in the parent website of the company – Artloc.live.

5. The Locbook authority can place advertisements of any product or service on any webpage of the website. The authority doesn’t need to take permission for advertising from the writers.

6.   Locbook authority has the right to delete any content or any user account for any reason which seems appropriate to the Locbook authority.


1.  The Locbook company has the right to modify or amend the terms and conditions. These changes and amendments will come into effect immediately. The users of the Locbook are requested to check the terms and conditions regularly and stay updated. Any user (both account holder or non-account holder of Locbook) using the website will be considered as a person who has agreed to the new or amended terms and conditions.

2.  The Locbook company holds the right to modify the privacy policy frequently. The users (The account holder and non-account holder) of the website are requested to check the privacy policy frequently. If any user disagrees with the changed privacy policy may abstain from using the website/service.Any user (both account holder or non-account holder of Locbook) using the website will be considered as a person who has agreed to the new or amended privacy policy.

3.   If any conflict arises due to the interpretation of the terms and conditions among English and any other language, the terms and condition & privacy policy of the English language will prevail.

4.   For deleting the account, the user has to contact the authority at (through) locbook. live/contact


1.   Locbook may not monitor, edit or moderate any content, writing or media (video, photo, gif, sound clips or similar things). Any publicly shared or privately transmitted content is sole responsibility of the person who created the content. Locbook will be not be liable if someone does anything which goes against the rules or breaks the law. If someone reports against any content, writing or media; Locbook will review it and take action (accordingly) if the content has broken the code of conducts or the rules of Locbook or any law of Republic of Bangladesh.

2. The user cannot claim any warranty of the service from the Locbook. User’s use of the services is solely at user’s own risk and discretion. They are provided to user or any third party “as is” and “as available”. That means they don’t come with any warranty of any kind, express or implied including implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement. No one can ask for any kind of written, verbal and implied warranty from the authority. Locbook authority doesn’t endorse any published or private content and services of the website.  The company doesn’t claim the service of it will be or are accurate, complete, reliable, error-free or uninterrupted or it will not be attacked by viruses or any harmful means. Thus, the user (both account holder and non-account holder) hereby accepts all the associated risks associated with the usage of the service. Locbook disclaims any warranties implied by any course of dealing or performance.

3. The Locbook authority will not be liable for any damage that occurs to any user or any third party due to the use of the service of the website. Locbook disclaims any and all direct or indirect damages or losses of any user or any third party arising from the usage of the service or wensite by anyone.

4. Indemnity:User of this and related platforms expressly agrees to release Locbook from claims, damages, and demands of every kind — known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, disclosed or undisclosed — arising out of or in any way related to (a) disputes between users, or between users and any third party relating to the use of the Services and (b) the Services. So, using this service means user expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the company and website, for its use of any published works or Inputs provided to it or published on the website by the User

Cross Check

This is an electronic record under the Information & Technology Act, 2006 and rules there under. Therefore, no signature is required to make the Terms of Use binding on the User. These Terms of Use along with the Privacy Policy have been formulated as required under the ICT Law.


To communicate with the authority user can leave a message at https://locbook.live/contact/

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