Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy explains how Locbook collects, uses, transfers, stores and protects the user’s information.

By using the service of Locbook or creating an account you are consenting to the privacy policy of Locbook. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy of Locbook, please abstain from using the service of Locbook.

Here in this section, the word ‘’ Locbook” means the management team working for the website owned by the company Artloc.

In this section “Personal information” means the information which can be used to identify and individual and “Non-personal information” indicates the information which cannot be directly identify an individual.

What Information does Locbook collect?

The Locbook authority doesn’t collect any personal information from the visitors of this website. Personal information’s are only required for creating an account with the Locbook. The information that Locbook collects from the users are stated below:

1. The information required to create an account or use the service such as email, Name, username, password.

2. The information willingly shared by the user such as contents, different account links across the internet [e.g.  user’s Facebook profile, YouTube account] etc.

The Locbook authority also collects some information automatically for using their service.

•           IP address

•           Browser Type

•           Operating system

•           Cookie information

•           Page visited

•           Device Information

•           Actions performed by the user (e.g. comments, shared writings, liked etc.)

Where the collected information will be used?

  1. To provide service to the users
  2. To create accounts for users.
  3. To identify users when they perform any action such as sharing content, commenting or reaction to a post.
  4.  Display the shared information in user’s Locbook Account.
  5. To analyse customer’s satisfaction level of the service.
  6. To improve the ad experience of the user.
  7. To prevent spam, fraud and any activities which are prohibited according to the terms and conditions of the Locbook.
  8. To strengthen the security.
  9. Locbook analyse the collected information to (User experience), understand the user, improve the service and invent new features.
  10. To display content which customer may prefer for improving their user experience and for building community among readers and writers.

What can other Locbook users see?

The website of Locbook is designed in a way where users can share several information of them with other Locbook users. The information that users voluntarily share in a publicly accessible area such as contents, comments, reactions to any post, profile picture, biography of the author, any account link (e.g., Facebook profile, YouTube account) will be displayed to other users. Private Message of one user is not publicly shared with other users.

 Users are advised not to share any information or contents that they do not intend to make public.  

Can any third party access the User’s personal information?

Locbook doesn’t sell or rent any personal information of the user to the third party. But in some limited following situation, Locbook can share the information with the 3rd party:

  • Locbook will reveal the personal information of the user if it is required by law and litigation.
  • If Locbook authority finds it is essential for national security and other issues for public significance, the authority will disclose the personal information of the users.
  • To investigate any fraudulent case or to strengthen security.
  • To enforce terms of services.
  • Locbook can share the collected information as a result of merger, acquisition or sale of all or a partial portion of company’s share or asset to any third party.

Where is the User Information stored and how is it secured?

  • All the content and information of the user are stored on the cloud with strong security.
  • Only the authorized member of the company can access the cloud and information of the users.
  • The users are advised to put a strong password and recommended not to share with anyone.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Locbook company may update or change the privacy policy frequently. The users of the Locbook requested to check the privacy policy regularly. If any user disagrees with the changes, he or she is advised to abstain from using the service of Locbook. The continued usage of the service from any user indicates that the user agrees with the revised privacy policy.

How does Locbook protect my Personal Information?

The Locbook authority continuously monitors the technical, physical, contractual matter and if any deviation found the authority will take action immediately. Locbook uses robust security process to protect the personal information of user’s personal information. Locbook uses several security measures to protect the collected information from any kind of unintended consequences. Only a few authorized personnel of Locbook are allowed to have access of the personal information as this is required to perform their duty of Locbook. Users are also advised to keep their password confidential and not to share it with anybody.


  • The authority uses the email to communicate with the user. The users may get notification, message, and alerts by the authority through the mail.
  • Privacy Policy is a part of company’s Terms of Services.
  • Any embedded post hosted by third party is not covered in this Privacy Policy.
  • To modify or delete any personal information the user may contact Locbook through email or by leaving a message in Locbook’s contact page- .
  • Locbook uses some third-party services such as Google Analytics, Google Ad-sense and others which may place their own cookies in user’s browser. This privacy policy of Locbook doesn’t cover the use of cookies by any third party.
  • Locbook may use cookies or other non-personal information (which cannot identify a user as an individual) to improve the user experience. Locbook may also share non-personal information with third-parties.


To communicate with the authority user can leave a message at


If any conflict arises due to the interpretation of the Privacy Policy among English and any other language, the privacy policy of the English language will prevail.

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